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Jubilee Capital Funding Solutions is your dedicated partner when your business is in need of capital. No matter how big or small your company we offer the right financing solutions to meet your business’ unique needs. Our commitment is to provide smart financing solutions to our clients coupled with the best customer service in the industry. We work hard for you to make your financial dreams our vision.


We take the time to understand your current financial state to create a custom and comprehensive plan for affordable financing. Almost all of our financing vehicles can be customized to fulfill your financing needs for the industry in which you serve and the size of your company.

Our network of lenders have years of banking experience. They are highly skilled individuals dedicated to financing your business even if you’ve been turned down by a bank in the past. Combined with the experience of our own team of brokers, we are able to provide financing to virtually any business no matter the size, industry or the state of your finances.

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